Monday, April 23, 2012

Borderland Collective Lecture @ PSU!

Image courtesy of Borderland Collective.

Via live streaming video, Borderland Collective will be guest lecturing tonight for PSU's weekly Art & Social Practice MFA Lecture Series. The Collective, housed at Texas State University, was founded in 2007 by Ryan Sprott and Jason Reed of West Texas and Ulrich Eigner of Austria. Seeking to bridge the gap between educators, students, artists, and families, the Collective challenges prevailing notions of the contemporary American experience by engaging within communities to provide a realistic portrait of geographic and sociocultural borders in America.

"Borderland Collective is a social art project that facilitates the participatory exploration and documentation of geographic and sociocultural borders. Fueled by collaborations between artists, teachers, youth, and families, the group uses art as a means to trouble notions of who holds knowledge and what stories are told, providing an inclusive representation of the contemporary American experience. The collective was conceived of (with great inspiration from the work of Wendy Ewald) on a road trip along the Texas/Mexico border in 2007 by Ryan Sprott and Jason Reed of West Texas, and Ulrich Eigner of Austria. It is currently housed at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX and directed by Jason Reed, Assistant Professor of Photography."

The lecture series is organized by PSU associate professor Harrell Fletcher alongside MFA students of the Art & Social Practice program. The event occurs every Monday night at 7:30 PM at the Shattuck Hall Annex at no cost! For more information on the PSU Art & Social Practice MFA Lecture Series, click here. For more information on Borderland Collective, click here. To see videos of past lectures, go here: